Yuma County


Community Background

Yuma County is situated in the expansive eastern plains of Colorado. Strong ties exist between the many generations of native Yuma residents, who populate the county’s towns of Eckley, Yuma, and Wray. The county is characterized by an agricultural and livestock economy, and enjoys an unemployment rate below 4%.

Yuma residents are intimately familiar with the many struggles and benefits that come with the geographic isolation of a rural community. Common urban issues, such as emergency room over-utilization, are insignificant in Yuma. Though residents rarely have a long wait time to see a primary care provider, as is common in cities, the limited number of providers means they usually cannot see the same provider consistently. Nonetheless, nearly all residents do have a usual source of care–a fact that most other Colorado communities cannot claim. Barriers to care within the county are tied more closely to lack of insurance or cost, and an aging population has created new community needs that the health system is working to meet.

Additional Information

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