Take Action


Get Involved

Looking to make a difference in improving the health care system of your community? There are lots of ways to get involved:

Take Action

Contact Your Elected Officials

There are a number of easy ways to communicate with your elected officials–choose the one that makes the most sense and is the most comfortable for you.

  1. Send them an email
  2. Contact them on Facebook or through Twitter
  3. Call their offices
  4. Visit them in person
    • Visit their office at the Capitol or City Council
    • Go to a townhall event
    • Host an event and invite them to speak
    • Volunteer on a local campaign
  5. Testify before a legislative committee

Contribute to a Healthier Community

By working together, we can improve our community health systems and reach our fullest potential. Your voice matters, because decisions about your health care are too important to be left to others.

Share Your Story

What do you think about health reform? Is it having an impact in your community? How will we know if health reform has been successful? What are your ideas to improve the health care system? Share your thoughts and your story with us.