Montrose County


Community Background

Home of picturesque Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Montrose County is the agricultural hub of the western slope. Its small towns feature bustling main streets and welcoming storefronts, coffee shops, and restaurants. The majority of the county, though, is comprised of nationally conserved lands, such as the Gunnison Gorge National Recreation Area and Gunnison National Forest. The rest of the county is mostly farmland and sparsely populated.

A majority of residents who reside in Montrose County have a usual source of care and are covered by health insurance. Montrose County residents also tend to have healthier lifestyles than Coloradans as a whole. Despite these strengths, the communities of Montrose County still struggle to ensure that all residents are getting their health care needs met. The county is part of a designated Health Professions Shortage Area and has disproportionally high numbers of uninsured residents and pockets of poverty. Broadly, the health care system can be classified as one that is low on capacity, but high on collaboration. While additional resources would be much appreciated, geographic realities force the health care system leaders to maximize what they already have.

Additional Information

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