We don’t like the government plan

Yuma County resident: “We don’t like the government plan—the Obama plan. It’s not what we want. We want to be able to say what kind of insurance we can have and where we can buy it. I’m firmly against that, and I will vote against anyone who voted for it. In this election, it’ll tell the story–we do not want Obamacare. We do not want all that government taking over our lives.”

You hear such emotional things

Margo, Yuma County resident: “At first I was very confused, so I ended up looking up things, Googling things, trying to find out more. Because you hear such emotional things.”

Estoy confundida

Virginia, Yuma County resident: “Estoy confundida. Por que no se exactamente que ha dentro.” (I am confused. I don’t know exactly what is in [the health reform law]).

Something did need to be done

Alexandra, Yuma County resident: “I don’t know a lot about it, but I think something did need to be done. I don’t know necessarily if it’s right or wrong what was done, but I think it’s a step in the right direction of trying to fix it or do something better.”

Those that are trying to live through it

Andrea Anderson, HR Manager at Murphy Brown: “We had to hand out all the information on the marketplaces and things like that. We handed out all the sheets, all the information that we’re required by law to hand out, plus some because we’re trying to educate, to help people get online, get on the marketplace, find out where you are at. And we didn’t get questions.”

The whole thing makes me upset

Linda, Yuma County Resident: “The whole thing makes me upset, really, because I’m in a position where my health insurance was canceled so now I’m having to find new health insurance. Everyone in my family has their own individual policy with different carriers and three of us have to new insurance.”

A chance to have insurance

Silvia, Yuma County Resident: “I’m excited. I’ve seen in my work a lot of people with no health coverage and haven’t had health coverage for a long time. And so I’m excited to see this happening. I know there’s a strong opposition, especially here, against it, but I’m very for it, and so I try to give my point of view to people that I know have gone through medical stuff. I don’t see how they’re against it. I say, ‘How can you be against it? You’ve needed it yourself.’”

Only what you need

Dale, Yuma County resident: “I don’t think you should be forced to have health insurance, mainly because people that can’t afford it don’t have it for the reason they can’t afford it. And if it’s available now at a higher rate, why do they think you can afford it then? Because I can’t.”