I think the VA system is excellent

Clayton, Montrose County Resident: “I’m a veteran, so I’m fully covered through the health care. I really don’t relate to a lot of people about the health situation because it doesn’t affect me. I feel for everybody having to battle with the different choices and everything the government is doing, but it really doesn’t affect me.”

There’s been a big change

Robert, Montrose County Resident: “There’s been a big change with the health reform. Some of the jobs around here are lower-paying jobs and they’re not willing to go through with following with insurance policies to keep us as employees covered with health insurance. We’re having to go elsewhere to find our own independent insurance, and that’s even affecting our weekly pay. As a father of three kids I have to support myself and the children and not having insurance coverage really limits me to rely either on the state or have to go to an outside source to keep my family covered.”

I’m just going to go with the flow

Peggy, Montrose County Resident: “I’m excited about [preventive care benefits included in the Affordable Care Act]. That’s really important to me. I won’t go to the doctor unless I’m pretty much on my deathbed, but I like doing the preventive care. I think that’s really important. That’s a good thing.”

I’m all for helping out people to help themselves

Ann Gabbett, Naturita teacher: “I don’t want to be paying for insurance for people who don’t contribute to our country. I think if you are a contributing adult, even if you’re working less, if you’re making minimum wage–because sometimes that’s the only kind of job you can find around here–[then you should get some assistance]. But they’re working, so for goodness sake help them out!”

Nothing’s free

Mike, Montrose County resident: “I think a lot of people thought when the health reform thing was being talked about that they were going to get free health insurance. I think there was just a lot of—well, no one knew what was in it, right? So once it was passed, now we’re finding out what’s in it, a lot of people thought that they were going to get something for free, and what do you know? What do they say? Nothing’s free in this world, unless someone else pays for it.”

A work in progress

Mary, Montrose County resident: “My husband and I both support health care reform in this country. I think a big problem is that we have a for-profit health care system and I think that the costs have gotten out of control. I’m disappointed, of course, that the website had such a disastrous start. I feel like all the information we’re getting now is negative and I am aware that there are some positive things that are happening.”