Colorado Springs

A lot of [people] are getting dropped from their coverage

Frankie, Colorado Springs Resident: “From the friends that I have had, a lot of them are getting dropped from their coverage and having to find coverage on their own because for some reason they’re no longer qualified with the programs that they were previously qualified for and purchasing on their own. Now all of a sudden they can’t.”

A lot of people aren’t buying into it

Angelo, Colorado Springs Resident: “I’ve noticed that a lot of people aren’t buying into it. Most people I know aren’t even paying for health care—they’d rather pay the surcharge at the end of the year rather than be coerced into some kind of insurance plan that is forced upon them.”

It’s a pretty big deal in terms of people’s ability to access care

Jamie Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Penrose – St. Francis Health Services: “I think Medicaid expansion is the most tangible effect we have seen here [at the hospital]. There has been a pretty large growth in folks who have applied and received Medicaid at this point, and that’s a population who for the most part is going from uninsured to insured by Medicaid.”

It’s taking too long

Lela, Colorado Springs resident: “Ever since Obama started this health care thing, and the website’s been up and down, it’s been really hard for everyone to get where they gotta go. I mean, if you don’t get it, it’s gonna take a minute to get to Medicaid, and then after that, you know, your bills are racking up, and it’s a mess.”

At the right place and the right time

Pam McManus, CEO of Peak Vista Community Health Centers: “Our community has a lot of amazing, caring people to include some incredible professionals–experts in the health care industry. Together we strive to work to find solutions to access barriers throughout our region.”

What if something happens to me?

Brittany, a single mother in Colorado Springs, shares her story of receiving treatment for free through the aid of a local organization. After giving birth five years ago, Brittany developed a painful hernia that she was unable to have treated. The necessary medical procedure was too expensive for her to afford, but Brittany’s clinic helped her get the operation so she could continue to provide for her family.

My initial reaction

Jason, Colorado Springs resident: “[My] initial reaction [to health reform] is that I don’t really think it’s much a part for the government to get involved with. My opinion is that the government can kind of stay out of that and let it be run by local organizations or other places like that.”