About the Project

Health is Local is a project of the Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved (CCMU). It aims to tell the story of health reform and its impacts in Colorado, through the eyes and words of the Coloradans living it.

We believe telling the narrative of change in local communities is a vital part of measuring progress and determining new courses of action as state and national health reform is implemented in Colorado. Over the past year, CCMU has followed four communities as local and national reforms rolled out: the city of Colorado Springs, and the counties of Montrose, Summit, and Yuma.

These communities were chosen as a sample of the diversity of urban, western slope, mountain resort, and eastern plains areas of the state. Initial visits to each community were conducted at the end of 2013 to gather baseline information, perceptions, and an understanding of each community’s preparation for upcoming changes.

We have documented the impacts of health reform on this website with both reflections from community members and analysis of statewide themes. Through Health Is Local, our goal is to help leaders and policymakers, within Colorado and beyond its borders, measure progress and implement change.


Additional Information

Learn more about the four communities and their changing health care landscape: